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Welcome to the Affiliate Program!

We have one of the highest conversion ratios in the industry thanks to our product selection, great pricing and overall professionalism.

Experience the highest payout commission and the best Affiliate Support by telephone, live chat and email. pays the highest direct commission and the highest second tier commissions in the industry. Payments are made by bank transfer or epassporte weekly. Please contact the program manager to arrange for your preferred payment options and commissions structure. Commissions start at 25%.

Stability You Can Trust has been in business for over 4 years and has never gone out of business like some other websites who make new start up websites every year with fake promises.

Customer / Affiliate Fusion

When a customer first places an order with they are required to register. During the registration process our software links the customers? information to the referring affiliates ID number in our database. This enables us to track every future order of any type the customer places at XLPharmacy and pay our affiliates the appropriate commissions for customer?s new orders.

Double Incentive

All customers benefit from a 10% re-order discount. This process is automatic and it encourages the customer to return to, which in turn benefits the referring affiliate.

Generic and Brand Products

Not only are generic medications available, but also Brand name medications which mean higher sales and higher commissions for you.

Multiple Payment Options With Discounts

All major credit cards are accepted which means higher conversion rates for you.

Banners, Templates, Custom Designs

Part of the Affiliate Support Team is several highly skilled Designers. They will work along with the affiliate to create any specific landing pages, templates banners, etc. Any wishes will be granted!

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