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How to Order provides an efficient and easy way to place and process an order on our website. Here are some simple instructions to guide you when placing an order:
Step 1: Look For Your Product
You may search for a particular drug by simply clicking on any of the Product Categories from left menu or selecting a category from the Category drop window. We also offer a Quick Buy drop-down menu, so you can easily find the product you are looking for, alphabetically. You can also use the Search function at the top of the website to search for specific medications.
Step 2: Add Product to Shopping Cart
You may add a particular medication to the shopping cart by clicking on the Add to Cart buttons on each product page. You may also update or remove a medication from your shopping cart at any time, by clicking the View Cart link at the top right-hand corner of any page on the website.
Step 3: Checkout
Once you have finished adding products to your shopping cart, you may simply click on the Checkout button. The checkout process requires you to provide your shipping details and choose your payment option.
Step 4: Order Confirmation
After the checkout process, the order is confirmed and an order number is generated for future reference and communication. You will receive an email confirmation.
Step 5: My Account
After the checkout process, you can check your order status, mange your account, contact us, receive discount coupons, manage credits and get the latest news by logging into your account.

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